About Us!

About Us

About US

We are pioneer in the field of Vedic yoga therapy which is one of the most spreading holistic health care service across the globe. Salil Stress clinic being mother organization caters five units in india and 4 abroad.

Established in 2010, in a small place ,in last 9 years we have won many hearts by our honest policies in natural , holistic health care solutions. Currently our indian centres are located in Pune Camp , Kondhwa, Nal Stop, Shrirampur ,Ahmednager and Satara.

We have our presence in several countries like Bulgaria , Germany , USA and UK.

Stress clinic is an unique concept where all the disorders arising due to stress got special attension through Ayurvda, Yoga and Spirituality . Vedic yoga foundation is founded by Dr. Nisar in 2019 has become one of foremost therapeutic science in western world.

About Dr. Nisar Shaikh

Dr. Nisar Shaikh is an outstanding Ayurvedic (Panchakarma) & Yoga consultant currently practicing & doing research at Salil stress clinic’s Ayurveda Health Point & vedic yoga foundation.

He work in Kaivalyadham Ayurvedic clinic as Panchakarma expert & give training to yoga & Ayurveda therapy students. His keen interest in psychosomatic therapeutics forced him to open up his own clinic in pune bringing in first ever concept called Stress Clinic. Dr.Nisar has developed a unique technique called Vedic Yoga Therapy which attracted the attention of western word. He is trying to go to root of ancient wisdom & yoga therapy can help lot of crisis in current health scenario. He is been invited in many countries like Bulgaria, Switzerland, united states, Canada to share his wisdom on vedic yoga therapy. He conducts courses for yoga teachers & patients there. He has got his student spread across the globe & many of his students are practicing yoga therapy successfully.